Surly Ogre Bikepacking Rig Review

My Surly Ogre bikepacking rig is different than all the other bikes I’ve ridden. It’s the do it all bike that’s great for bike touring trips and commuting with the switch of a wheelset. It’s nimble on the single track and fast on the downhills. It’s one of the most comfortable bikes I’ve ridden. My journey first began with the Surly Long Haul Trucker back in 2014. I’ve put over 5000 miles on that bike and have since transitioned to the Ogre for a more capable off-road bike that’s able to do it all.

Surly manufactures some of the most versatile bikes in the industry with a collection of funky names and framesets that can suit your style of riding to the tee. I built my Ogre up on 27.5, 3-inch plus wheels with a 1×11 setup.

My gear range is 32 x 11- 42 for climbing and is optimized for holding a fully loaded setup using bikepacking bags by Revelate Designs. It’s simple, clean setup and requires very little maintenance when out in the field since I have just a rear derailleur and mechanical setup for my brakes.   

I hope this video provides value for you. If you have questions about road cycling contact me for a personal 1 & 1 consultation and I can offer you value on getting you started from selecting the right bike and equipment. 

The Cockpit

In the cockpit, I run Shimano Koyak bars mounted up to a Shimano PLT stem that’s 90mm in length to give me a comfortable upright feel while touring. I find this the most comfortable for me. The bars handlebars are traditional mountain bike bars which I prefer over dedicated touring handlebars. 

They are wide enough to mount my Revelate Designs Sweetroll bag to the front and don’t get in the way of my brake levers. I run Ergon GP2 grips which provide multiple hand placement and comfort along with my trusty Avid brake levers that I’ve had for years and are one of my favorite levers.

I’m running TRP Spyre SLC mechanical disc brakes on the bike that stop on Shimano rotors. The brakes are one of the best I’ve ridden because they actuate on both sides of the rotor which maximizes stopping power and reduces friction. They are also great for repairing in the field as all you would need to replace are pads and the brae cables if anything were to go wrong.

As for my wheelset, I have the Ogre sitting on 34mm WTB KOM Tough rims with Wheelsmith spokes and Shimano XT O.L.D. 148mm Boost hub. This sits nice and flush in the dropout of the Ogre with Surly Monkey Nuts to center the wheel in the dropout. I noticed that this makes the rear end stiff and much nimbler than previous setups I’ve had for bikepacking and touring trips.

Parts List Breakdown

Over the course of 4 days the Surly Ogre has proven to be one of my favorite bikes I have ridden. Check out my film below to see me in action with the bike. Leave a comment below if you have questions about this setup and share this post with a friend.

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