Surly Ogre and New Mexico Bikepacking Gear

Bikepacking New Mexico’s Valle Caldera was one of my biggest efforts for a self supported trip. With trial and error learned from previous trips, I had an idea of what to bring and not to bring with me. Considering climate, terrain and available resources, I was able to ride with a compact setup using bikepacking bags wrapped all around my Surly Ogre. Water was my main concern as resources were low. I carried a total of 315oz of water. That included a 3-liter reservoir in my backpack, 64oz Klean Canteen on my down tube, and 26oz bottles on my frame and elsewhere on the bike.

The Bike

I built the Surly Ogre up custom much like all the bikes I ride. My journey first began with the Surly Long Haul Trucker back in 2014. I’ve put a lot of miles on that bike and have since transitioned to the Ogre for a more capable off-road bike that’s able to do it all. Surly tends to make some of the most versatile bikes in the industry with a collection of funky names and framesets that can suit your style of riding to the tee. I built my Ogre up on 27.5, 3-inch plus wheels with a 1×11 setup. My gear range is 32 x 11-42 for climbing and holding a fully loading bike with speed in the flats. Over the course of 4 days the Surly Ogre has proven to be one of my favorite bikes I have ridden. Leave a comment below if you have questions about this setup.


Endure bike shorts
Patagonia puff down jacket
Lightweight packable rain jacket
Smartwool short sleeve/ long sleeve (* For sleeping)
Polyester workout shirt x2 for easy drying (*Ride shirt)
Underwear x2
Sunglasses/ eye glasses
Ball cap
New Balance trail running shoes

Sleep System
Hilleberg akto 1-person tent
Nemo 30 degree sleeping bag
Thermarest Neo Air X-Lite pad
Floor tarp
Collapsable pillow
3-pc Cookset (*Pot, pan, bowl, spork)
Titanium stove
Lighter/ Matches
Water treatment
Food (Packable Rice/ Beans, Dry meals, carbs, cookies)

2×27.5” tubes w/removable cores
2 oz. bottle of Stans sealant
Multitool w/chainbreaker, separate allen keys/ wrenches
Tire pump, tire repair kit, tire boot material, needle and thread for tire repair
Shift cable/ brake cable
2 Spokes/ nipples
Extra chain links and 2 extra quick links
Duct tape and zip ties
Voile straps
Small bottle of chain lube and rag

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My rigs setup for bikepacking and touring over multiple trips

I hope this article provides value for you. If you have questions about bicycle touring and bikepacking contact me for a personal 1 & 1 consultation and I can offer you value on getting you started from selecting the right bike and equipment. 

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